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Chemical analysis plays a vital role in all aspects of life. There is an increasing demand for qualified analytical chemists throughout the world. The M.Sc./Diploma program in Industrial Analytical Chemistry introduces analytical chemistry skill-set that is required in different industrial disciplines including chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-analytical, forensic, food and environmental monitoring applications.

The objective of the M.Sc./Diploma program in Industrial Analytical Chemistry is to deliver the analytical chemistry skill-set involved in different industrial disciplines for young graduates as well as for working professionals.

The Department of Chemistry at University of Sri Jayewardenepura is equipped with high-end analytical tools where students will get hands-on experience in achieving the correct level of accuracy in each measurement, which is the key for developing a qualified analytical chemist. The second year research component and the case studies are specifically designed to solve analytical chemistry problems in the industrial setup. In addition to developing industrial experts, this course will provide the required level of knowledge for undergraduates to continue their graduate studies in recognized local and/or international institutions.



Target group


This course is designed to improve the analytical chemistry skills of government and industrial employees who are engaged in chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-analytical, forensic, food and environmental fields. This also gives an opportunity for university graduates to improve their entrance potential for industrial positions as well as for further higher studies


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